About us


Almighty is a new fitness apparel brand created in 2020 in Israel by Raz Kaufman and his cofounder Daniel Ternovsky. The brand styles designed to fit workouts and everyday casual looks. We happen to see that here in Israel there is a lack of variety in sports-wear, so we decided to make things interesting and bring some style into our home community.


Our main purpose is to bring our community closer and inspire one another to be the best versions of theirselves regardless of their age, race or religion. We strive to share our core values as a fitness lovers to as much people as possible. We believe that everybody can take part in the fitness community.

Our clothes... 

We use the best quality fabrics and the highest manufacturing quality, also we emphasis on flattering fit to make our customer feel at their best. 


This is our company’s motto. If one can make it we all can make it. Our potential is endless. Inspire yourself to be the best you can.

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